We help companies with technical IT security

We make full IT-security audits for all types of systems. We are highly skilled at making automated and manual penetration tests.


What we do

We have years of experience in performing penetration tests.


Analyzing and assessing cryptographic algorithms. We're always up-to-date with the current recommendations.

Radio Communications

With special equipment we monitor, record, and modify radio communications over virtually any frequency.

Mobile Applications

Apps are decompiled, altered, all communication is trapped and modified using special equipment.

Web Applications

Map the application and servers and train scanners to perform thorough pen-tests while it is also scanned manually.

Embedded Systems

All communication is monitored and altered, code is extracted and decompiled, cryptographic functions examined.


Custom protocols are examined for pitfalls both client- and server-side and code may be reviewed.

We've helped some of the biggest companies

We've discovered vulnerabilities at Google.com multiple times.

We've helped Twitter fix vulnerabilities.

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